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Parents Day
Working parents is the usual trend today. Let's know something about the issue of childcare among working parents.

Working Parents

Working parents is a trend with many positive and negative points. Whereas working parents are economically better positioned to afford good bringing up for their children, they are not able to give their ward enough time, in the form of time and attention. In a study conducted in US, it was shown that working parents are able to give just 20 minutes a day to their wards. There cannot be worst scenario than this. At early age, kids need lots of attention from their parents and any nanny or maid or baby sitter can not replace real mother.

Economic and financial reasons are sighted for inevitability of both the parents working, particularly in metro cities, where lifestyle expenses are haywire and meeting both the ends is not easy. There can not be a panacea for the problem like this, other than making balance between working time and family time. Kids need time and so needs the work. Parents cannot afford either leaving their job or caring for their kids and have got to balance both.

Mothers are usually expected to give time to their kids, and the biggest paradox is the same mother is full of so many other responsibilities that she can not just afford to give time to kids. She is working, she is cooking, and she is doing so many other household works that she hardly has time to herself, forget about kids. Where will lead this lifestyle to their kids, would their kids be able to grow normally under maids, or baby sitters?

The question now is whether the maids, and baby sitters can they bring your child lovingly and with care. Can they replace natural love and affection of real mother? Obviously, they cannot. Direct interaction of parents with their children inculcates good habits and etiquettes, which are already there in parents. Kids learn them through keen observance and simulation and if the interaction is missing, what the outcome would be is obvious.

How to Balance Work and Home
Prioritize your goals and objectives, i.e. what is the order of the things you want to do. Once you have made them, do accordingly. Try to cut sometime from work and maximize interactive time with your children. Both the parents have to come up with a solution and at least one parent can be with kids at a time when both of you are not able to be together. This will be least damaging and will have some positive impact on kids.

Ask your organization to expand paid leaves so that you can spend time with your kids. Expansion of family medical leave, model workplace with flexible working hours, and instant telecommunication facilities are some other facilities that organization should be asked for. Arrangement of multi facility and multi specialty childcare centers would certainly help to cater the need of bringing your child lovingly and in a careful manner.