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Parents Day
Parents Day is a very special day that witnesses celebration around the world. Know about celebrating Parent Day around the world.

Parents Day Around the World

Parents Day is the day when we express our love the most special people in our lives - our parents. They are the essence of nostalgia, the fragrance of the present, and the dream of the future. They are people who bring us to this world. Cocooned in their strong presence, we see the world. Our parents mould us to bring out the best within ourselves. They are people who shape our future. Unconditional love, selfless efforts and sacrificing nature, parents do everything for their children. They are epitome of love and affection. Our small mistakes are overlooked and big blunder are rectified by them.

Parents are the people who make us better individuals. Be it biological parents, step-parents, grand parents or even adoptive parents; love for a child remains the same in the eyes of everyone. Though we may forget them in our busy lives, they never forget us. They are people who remain in the thick and thin of our lives. Parents Day is an excellent occasion to thank them for being what they are and for what they have been doing for us. It is a day for celebrating their love, letting them know that we care for them and that they are always there in our hearts, though we might not be able to articulate it more so often.

Our parents do not wait for expensive gifts or exquisite dinners and lunch, but they surely wait for our exclusive time- a time to relive those childhood days, a time to relive all the happy memories, a time to share the present victories and a time to pray for better future. Give them your time this Parents Day, because a day dedicated to your parents is a day not lost but a day found- a day when you gain a lot of blessings and share a lot of love! In this section, we will tell you about Parents Day celebrations around the world.