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Being a single parent is not odd now. In the age of conflicting values and lifestyles, broken marriages are the norm.

Single Parent

When we talk of childcare and parenthood, we think of both the parents. However, now, in the era of conflicting values and lifestyle, when divorces are the norm, a single parent does not look odd. There are whole lot of single parents in different regions and with different reasons. What are those reasons is not the subject matter of the issue here, as we prima facie accept that some parents are carrying their children singly and they have certain issues with them too.

Bringing children singly is not an easy task, but single parents do not have other choice. In fact, they have some major issues, which include the fear of loneliness, financial insecurities and complexity in bringing up children alone. If a person is strong, the chances of his or her survival are greater. However, many a times, single parents succumb to tormenting pressure and expectations. Single parenting is toll taking and only tough people can survive in it.

When single parenting is your destiny, accept the responsibility and challenges of it. Don't exaggerate problems, rather seek solutions. You are bound to have certain problems that would not have been there if other partner had been there. But, situation is not so and you have to undergo this. Acknowledge the difficulties such as lack of personal time, restricted social life, sole responsibility for meeting multiple needs, and financial stress. You can not complain for these to any one.

If you are single by choice, you already knew what would be the implication of your decision. Single parents, of this category, do not usually have so many problems as they are well prepared mentally. The issues with single parents, who have been forced by nature or other partner, have emotional problems in bringing their children up. This category of parents needs to prepare themselves better, for they have to live life like this from now.

Positives of Single Parenting
In case of single parents, one fact is luminary, that they make the family their highest priority. They focus on childcare most and try to be the best possible parent at any cost. There can not be any denial of the fact that single parents genuinely like and enjoy children and for that, they sacrifice their precious time, money, and energy. The dialectic is understandable from point that they try to compensate for the love and affection of other partner to their children.

Other positive thing about single parenting is single parents are open enough with their ward in communication. Their children become their pal and this is really an exciting experience. Single parents try to fill the space created by their half by interacting with their children and gradually, develop better relations. The healthy interaction leads to a trustworthy and honest relationship between single parents and their children.

This relationship also inculcates values of individualism and independence in children. Single parents are better home managers; in the sense they know that they have to manage everything on their own. Single parents also try to give maximum time to their kids and themselves, as they do not have to care for other partner and they have time to themselves and their ward and for no one else. In short single parenting has its own pain and bliss, some good and some to miss.