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Parents Day
Get here are a few Valentines Day poems meant for your parents. Read it to your mom and dad on the special day.

Valentines Day Poems for Parents

Valentines Day is celebrated in the entire world, as a day dedicated to the lovers. The day when you try to show the height of care for the special person who have become a part of your life. However, the special person does not only mean your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also celebrate this day with your parents, who have been a part of your life since long. They have accompanied you through every pain and distress. There are your support for lifetime; the persons who will never leave you at any point of time. It is your duty to make them feel special for everything they have done for us. Give below are some heart warming and touching Valentine's Day poems for parents. Use them to make your mom and dad feel special.

Happy Valentine's Day

Mom and Dad, along life's path,
Your love has shone the way.
For the guidance you have given me,
I'm thankful every day.

You've always been great parents;
I'm so glad you both are mine;
Deep in my heart, you'll always be
My favorite Valentine.

Your Family Is Like That

Sometimes a group of people
Will bring you happiness
In ways you never dreamed of,
In ways you can't express.

Your family is like that;
That's why we want to say
How much we appreciate you;
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to Mom

Mom, I've got some friends
Of each and every kind,
But a better friend than my mother
I'll never, ever find!

I'm so happy you're my mom!
I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day to Dad

Dad you are my favorite man,
And I sure want you to know,
I'll always respect and love you, Dad
No matter how big I grow!

I'm lucky to have you as my dad!
I love you.