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Parents Day
Honoring Parents is about showing respect to them who brought you into this world. Explore Ideas for honoring parents on Parents Day.

Honoring Parents

In the days of independence and liberty, the highest contradiction is how do you continue to respect your parents while developing your own independence from them? And, answer is not easy for the question. All said and done, parents are the people who deserve love, respect and honor from their children. Even the 'Bible' asks us to honor corporal authorities, including those of government, masters, and parents. All religious scriptures, despite their linkage with orthodoxy or progressive philosophy, bestow us to respect our parents.

Respecting our parents is a prima facie fact of the world and everything comes secondary thereafter. The major reason behind why should we respect them comes from the point that, first they took us to this world, toiled for our living and comfort, and they are the people who are always beside us in all good and bad circumstances. No relationship could be so pious and loving, than that of a parent and child.

Ramayana, a Hindu religious and moral treatise, proclaims respect and honor to our parents. The leading character Ram was an obedient son and, in pursuance of honoring his parents, he had to sacrifice a lot and he did all. Also, offering honor to others is a benevolent act and if they are our parents, it becomes more all the more important. They feel special and that they have been rewarded for all the good deeds they did, towards our nourishment and care.

Ideas for Honoring Parents
There are hundreds of ways to show your respect and honor your parents. However, you should remember that honor is not without love. Honor includes love and care and you can show your love by caring for your parents a lot and showing them that they are special to you and you are grateful to them for bringing you up and making you an adult. Given below are some ways to show your parents that you respect them like God and you are grateful to them.
  • Pray for them, ask lord to bless them with a happy and healthy life. At old age, parents need solace, more than anything else.
  • Show your unhappiness about your disobediences in past either to God or to your parents. They will be happy to see you doing this and it will make them feel you a true person.
  • Show to your parents that you do not hold any grudge against them, despite their unpleasing behavior towards you in past.
  • Always remember their birthdays and other special occasions. Gift them happy letters and cards on those occasions.
  • Be caring and loving and show them that they are in safe hands, by supporting them financially.
  • If your parents are not living with you, call them on regular basis and shower your love and care over phone.
  • If you are unemployed and do not have any financial source and are living in your parents home, show your gratitude to them. Don't take advantage of them. Though they are your parents, you should be responsible enough to pay for your expenses.