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Parents Day
Parent's day celebrations take place on 7the July every year in Vietnam. Know about celebrating Parent's Day in Vietnam.

Parents Day in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Parents Day has been recognized on 7th July of each year. The day is dedicated to the parents and children make every effort to make the best out of the day. It's the day when they make their parents feel special. While parents enjoy all the adulation poured onto them, children love pampering them rather, than being pampered by them. Parents Day celebration in Vietnam are quite similar those of Mother's Day and Father's Day.

On this day, both the parents are revered by their children. It's the day when children express their love and care for their parents in a grandiose way as compared to the rest of the days. They make them feel special and happy. They spent time with their parents and indulge in activities which would reunite the family once again. With people running out of time, even for their own selves, a day like 'Parents Day' is necessary to give the children a break from the regular chores of life and an opportunity pay regards to your parents.

Despite the fact that there is no holiday for celebrating Parent's Day in Vietnam, children do their bit to make their parents happy and gay. They gift flowers and cards to their parents. A bunch of carnations, with a hand made card, puts across one's feeling in the best possible way. They even take their parents out on dinners and lunch and spend quality time with them. Some of them encourage fun filled activities at home, bringing back the happy memories of infancy. In short, they let their parents know that they care for them!