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Parents Day
From an era of gifting flowers to that of providing cosmetic surgery, people of South Korea are excited about Parents Day celebrations.

Parents Day in South Korea

In South Korea, May is the month for families. May 5th denotes Children's Day while May 8th reflects as Parent's Day. Originally called Mother's Day, 8th of May is now celebrated as Parent's Day in South Korea. This was done to make the fathers feel that they are not alienated. Parents Day, just like Mother's day or Father's Day, is meant to commemorate the efforts of the parents in building up their children - physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. Though there is no national holiday declared on 8th of May, Parent's Day is still deemed as one of the special days in South Korea's yearly calendar.

It is the day when children pay regards to efforts of their parents. Parents are the epitome of love and affection. They play the role of providers throughout our lives. It is their constant sacrifices, selfless nature and unconditional love which formulate us as mature and responsible individuals. In South Korea, the streets and squares of Seoul take on a joyful look on Parent's Day. Children, with their bright smiles, warm the hearts of their parents as well as grandparents. In the subway, teenagers give up their seats to their elders.

Parent's Day is the day for those people who gave up their wishes to fulfill ours. Children resort to giving flowers and gifts to their parents. Carnations and roses are the most picked flowers for the day, to mark its specialty. Children spend time with their parents, doing things which their parents love to do. These are the traditional and the conventional form of paying gratitude to their parents. However, with the change in time, the way of expressing love and care has even changed in South Korea too.

The recent times have not only modernized one's thought processes, but also one's expression of emotions. People in South Korea are now giving their parents cosmetic surgery as a gift for Parent's Day. Face lifts, botox treatments and hair transplants, to enhance the look of the parents and to make them young again, are common resorts by children in the 21st century. In this fast paced world, a day like this helps us to realize and thank our parents- our mentor and guide who have made us what we are today.