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Parents Day
Here is a list of numerous poems written and dedicate to our parents, who are everything in our life. Get poems on mom & dad.

Poems for Parents

Every individual considers his/her parents as the loveliest couple in this entire world. They are the one responsible for our existence and we owe our origin to them. It is only because of our parents that we are a part of this beautiful world. Every breathe we take is indebted to them .Throughout their life, they shower upon us all their love and affection. For the parents, once a child is born he/she become their entire world. They stop thinking for themselves from that moment only. Their children's occupies all the space in their life and become the first and foremost concern for them.

Parents sacrifice their entire life in growing up their children and try to provide them with the best of everything. All their joys and sorrows are associated with them only and in return expecting nothing. This is what parents and parenting is. In short, there are countless reasons which make parents great. We can never ever think of repaying the debt of their selfless service. All we can do for them is making them realize their worth in our lives. What can be a better way of expressing these feelings than writing poems dedicated to them? Here is collection of few poems which glorifies the efforts of parents.