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Parents Day
The National Parents' Day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto in the US.

Parents Day in US

In US, Parents Day celebrations take place on the fourth Sunday of July each year. In 2012, that's the current year, Parents Day in US will fall on the 22 July. A special day dedicated to the parents, it upholds the honor of uplifting parenthood. It is an excellent occasion to get together, celebrate, laugh and relive the enduring times of childhood. It had been a long since a void had been created. Though there was Mother's Day and Father's Day, there was no particular day which unanimously celebrated both the parents. It was then that President Bill Clinton came to the rescue and filled in this emptiness.

He used his presidential powers to create a holiday and signed in a law which resulted in the formation of Parents Day. The US Congress also did not oppose the law passed. According to the resolution, Parents Day has been established as an annual holiday for "recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children". National Parent's Day provides an opportunity to the children in America, to express their gratitude and be grateful to their parents for what they are today. Celebrating Parents Day gives them the perfect chance to express all those feeling that they have failed to convey.

Parents are the most precious gift of God to a child. Their love, hard work and commitment, into making us responsible persons, cannot be repaid, but can always be cherished and treasured. Today, with life racing ahead, a day like this is very necessary to thank them. Gifting parents with cards, flowers or even organizing fun filled activities is a norm in US. Other celebrations include preparing lunch and dinners or going out with them. Spending the weekend, doing things which they loved to do in their times, are one of the most exploited avenues. Its all about letting them know that 'You Care'.